Before & After Photos

Before photos give after photos a powerful context making your client’s progress tell a story.

When you post a single photo of your client’s re-sculpted body you might get a “They look great” kind of response, however, if you post the end result alongside a photo of the overweight look they were sporting when they first became a member of the gym, then you’ll get a “Wow, that’s amazing!” kind of response… and why’s that? Because now there’s a story and it has contrast.

Or how about if you post a photo of your client’s newly defined abs—you might get a “Looks good” kind of a response, but if you post it with a shot of the untoned look they had a few months back, then you’ll get a “Wow, that’s unreal!” kind of a response…and why’s that? Because you’re giving the after photo context.

So, that was a hot tip for you, but there’s another reason why we’re talking about before and after photos…

With the exciting relaunch of Simple Members, we’ve released a brand new feature… say hello to Document & Photo Management. It’s here! Simple Members now allows you to upload one or more photos, files, and documents to client cards and appointments.

Start taking photos of your clients or get them to take photos of themselves so that you can keep track of their visual progress. Use Simple Members to refer back to your client’s past photos to see just how far they have come and how you’ve helped them achieve their physical goals. No more trying to remember what they looked like when they first came to you and no more relying solely on written notes—see it for real with the photos you upload to their profile.

Introducing Document & Photo Management

Upload Multiple Photos

Upload one or more photos to client cards and appointments


Upload Documents, Forms & Files

Upload documents, forms and files to members’ client cards and appointments

Upload From Any Device

Upload photos and documents directly from any smartphone, device or computer

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